Detroit Underground Records

An experimental concept album released with Detroit Underground Records


Teratoma explores electronic music from an unusual vantage point. The album is focused on constraint, structure and negative space, in a struggle between minimalism and maximalism. I challenged myself to create an album that didn’t approach electronic music from the typical hiphop or dance music standpoint, instead drawing inspiration from Surrealism and genres like metal and classical. To underline this, I implemented a restricted and deliberately raw percussive palette to draw more attention to the song structures and compositions rather than the more typical focus on percussive effects. Structurally, I wanted to challenge myself to sequence everything in non-traditional time signatures, while striving to transcend the inherent mathematical complexity of the constantly shape-shifting framework to an extent where the notion of tempo and momentum become context sensitive. I aimed to push the listener to a psychedelic state where a deeper experience emerges, in which the rhythmic structures become fluid and the maximal melodies become natural and memorable.

Teratoma, as it applies to this album, is a metaphor for the Ego.


Written & Arranged by Ivo Ivanov

Mastering by Shawn Hatfield

Artwork by Nicholas Yochum