Ivanov Sound encompasses the work of Ivo Ivanov, best known for his vast contributions to the creative audio company Glitchmachines, where he is the Creative Director & CEO.

Aside from managing Glitchmachines since 2005, Ivo has worked as a sound designer and content provider with some of the most notable creative audio companies in the Industry including Ableton, Native Instruments, Tiptop Audio, SoundMorph, Splice Sounds and Plugin Boutique, to name just a few.

In the early 90s, Ivo submerged himself in audio technology and quickly earned a reputation among peers as a synthesizer and music production expert.  In 2000, he toured the U.S. as a member of Reprise Records’ Snake River Conspiracy. Following his experimental album on Detroit Underground Records, Ivo brought us five live releases created entirely on his modular system.

Ivo earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Audio Engineering from the Expression College for Digital Arts in California, where he was also the first-ever recipient of the Game Audio Network Guild scholarship. He subsequently worked with the SAE Institute of Technology in San Francisco, where he was the Campus Director and Head of the Audio Technology Program.

Ivo is also a multidisciplinary visual artist specializing in 3D motion graphics. In 2005, he became known for the unique aesthetic of his hand-painted hardware instruments, which he has custom-made for Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Richard Devine, Trent Reznor, Derrick Carter and many others.  Ivo is responsible for all facets of the visual identity and branding at Glitchmachines.